What is ODIN Platform?

Odin Platform is your homepage for financial markets trading and investing education, market news and traders community. Our team has over 7 years of experience in the financial markets and assets management. We believe, that real and honest trading education should be accessible to everyone so we created this project to teach, share and insipire new future traders. Our goal is to open your eyes and educate you on the real and important trading knowledge, avoiding all of the unnecessary majority based content.

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What I will get?

Our platform is a custom created web app with many great features. Inside you will find over 35 in depth FREE video lessons that will give you enough to step into the world of trading. Also, we developed an incredible Odin Traders Feed where our members can post, share, like & comment on each others posts. Next to that, we provide and offer daily video market breakdowns, live events with our mentors, private consultations and our unique Advanced Trader program. Our Advanced Trader program will teach you Odin full trading strategies, mindset & life mastery and unique technical analysis methods.

Meet ODIN Team


Arūnas Petronis

Odin Mindset Mentor


Robertas Šalkauskis

Odin Swing Trading Mentor


Tomas Mičkauskas

Head of Business Development


Tomas Gabrielius

Head of Sales Department


Justinas Mankus

Head of IT Department


Matas Šaučiūnas

Odin Trading Mentor

Everything In One Platform

Tools & Services

Our platform offers a mix of great features and tools to make sure that you have everything needed under one roof. What’s even better is that we always develop more unique features following our community needs to add to the platform.

Odin Traders Feed

Odin Traders Feed

Insider Membership

Insider Membership

Online Consultation

Online Consultation

In-Person Training

In-Person Training

Odin Daily

Odin Daily

Odin News

Odin News

Become Better Trader


Odin Platform Freebies


Odin Platform Freebies

We offer a variety of free educational material for everyone that includes:

Odin Junior Trader Program

Fundamental Analysis Basics

Trader Routine Planner Program

Market News Access

Combined over 35 video lessons

Odin Insider Membership

€99 / Month

Odin Insider Membership

Subscription based service that gives you access to more Odin Platform features:

Odin Daily video market breakdowns

Psychology & Mindset access

45min live individual mentor call

Live Events with our mentors

Odin Insiders Feed access

Advanced Trader Program


Advanced Trader Program

Our revolutionary and unique trading education that includes:

25 in depth video lessons

Trader mindset and performance

Fully made Odin Capital trading strategies

Advanced technical analysis methods

1 Month free Odin Insider membership

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