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About odin platform

Odin Platform is a revolutionary financial education system that focuses on delivering high quality content, using our own developed educational methods and strategies. Our platform is tailored to provide a top-notch educational experience before stepping into the financial markets.

Odin Platform consists of:

  • 30 hours of FREE Educational Course 
  • ODIN Access Pack Membership
  • ODIN Advanced Package
  • ODIN Youtube Channel
  • Daily Market Updates
  • Market News Section
  • Live Events and Sessions
  • Trader Tools Access
  • Private Groups or 1-1 in our Lithuanian office
  • Psychology and Mindset Section
  • ODIN Capital Fund

Our educational lessons have been created by our team who are also highly involved in keeping our students updated by providing daily videos on technical fundamental analysis, market insights, tips and strategies. Also, our students can read the latest news and keep up with the volatility of the different markets, as well as keep up with the psychology and mindset section inside the platform.

Our members will also have the privilege to access our live events and calls where we discuss trading opportunities, charts, questions and more. Also, our Psychology and Mindset section will help you to grow and improve your mindset as a trader as here at Odin, we believe that mindset is the most important factor in trading.

Odin analysts will always keep you up do date in our Market News page where you will be getting articles about different markets such as forex, cryptos and stocks.

We will provide our students and members with an automated online trading journal that will keep the trades of both beginner and advanced traders, on track. We believe in reaching success as one community, so being part of our Odin Platform, you will be able to find, connect and network with other traders using our ‘Meet Other Traders’ map, where you will be able to see our platform members and students from all over the world and perhaps, even make new friends!

Our office in Lithuania is ready to take in new students for 1-1 or group courses, offering a personalised experience and personal mentorship throughout your stay.

Your financial freedom starts with us and we are here to make it an unforgettable experience!

meet the odin platform team
Matas Šaučiūnas​
Matas Šaučiūnas
ODIN Traders Team Mentor & Manager
Tomas Mičkauskas​
Tomas Mičkauskas
Business Relationships Manager
Robertas Šalkauskis
ODIN | Swing Trading Mentor
Matas Poniškaitis​
Matas Poniškaitis
ODIN | Senior Trader
Adomas Dzingelis​
Adomas Dzingelis
ODIN | Senior Trader
Ričardas Čėsna​
Ričardas Čėsna
ODIN | Senior Trader
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