Klever (KLV) Review

                                                                                                 Klever (KLV)

Klever (@klever_io) | TwitterKlever is an app that secures p2p crypto wallet and blockchain with the help of (BTC), (TRX), (ETH), as well as other tokens and coins.

Main reason why Klever was invented was to solve two big issues in crypto today. The crypto security problem and the user experience problem

Klever uses highly advanced  security mechanisms that completely protect the user’s private keys,
making use of the latest military-grade technology. This means you truly own and control your crypto tokens. No third party, including Klever, can access your private keys or restrict any transaction the user decides to make. Transactions of coins and tokens are direct, safe, fast and most importantly secure they are also instantly recorded on the blockchain.

what can you do with (KLV) coin:
Pay transaction fees
Pay exchange fees                                                        
Pay Swap fees
Reduce exchange fees
Reduce Swap fees
Make p2p payments
Buy VIP token
Participate in new projects through crowdfunding

Klever offers more then 300 trading pairs.

Klever features:

Blockchain wallet
Easy Token Swap
Blockchain Browser
Blockchain Portfolio etc.